Support the strategy
Test, Learn, Measure, Analyze Loop

Applying Learning Loop Fundamentals.

Learning Loops establish operational tracking and accumulate data. This allows us to accurately see what is working ... what is not ... how we can improve ... and how best to build and implement predictive models.

Data Hosting and Processing

We manage the data-related fundamentals that support all marketing campaigns. We use secure transfer technologies to our infrastructure housed at an enterprise-class data center, and can work with your data quickly and efficiently. Specific services include ad hoc data conversion and file loads, scoring, aggregation, householding, data mart design and prototyping, as well as complex custom processing.

Marketing Efficiency Reporting

Data mining can provide large initial improvements in efficiency, but additional increases are achieved through iterative test-and-learn strategies. Our services include the design and creation of custom marketing efficiency reports, which provide insight into behavior patterns. We also help create extract specifications that allow us to transform raw data and calculate marketing ROI and ongoing campaign economics.

Data Mining

Our data-driven approach grows from a comprehensive understanding of customers and prospects. The Learning Loop provides us with the cases needed to employ sophisticated modeling techniques and accumulate data to predict a diverse range of audience behaviors. We have the know-how and expertise to create powerful predictive attributes from your source data. Specific services include neural net modeling, ad hoc analysis, and customer segmentation.

Campaign Management and Business Intelligence Interfaces

Results are shared in regular client meetings and are made available through our reporting portal. Custom web interfaces empower clients to test criteria, size populations, and measure success over time. With these tools, analysts and executives can gain insights through sophisticated interactive dashboards powered by MicroStrategy™.